Self-assessment rubric: Strand 1

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Rubric level descriptors

The four rubric levels in the self-assessment rubric, Lacking, EmergingDemonstrating, and Excelling serve as developmental stages. The stages are described as follows:

Lacking – at this stage, the practice is not evident in the teacher’s performance, and the teacher lacks awareness of the practice and is likely practicing in ways that are counter to effective DLI teaching.

Emerging – at this stage, teachers have achieved a level of awareness about the described practice. They seek to make the practice a part of their own teaching repertoire. Teachers begin to make some attempts to apply their understandings in practice, but the attempts are not often effective. 

Demonstrating – at this stage, teachers not only understand the importance of the practice for effective DLI teaching, but also make frequent attempts to make it a part of their own teaching repertoire. Many, although not all, attempts are effective. 

Excelling – at this stage, the practice has become a part of the teacher’s daily repertoire. It is in action, live, and at play in the classroom on a consistent basis. The teacher is adept and confident in implementing the practice.