Complete Workbook

This workbook was developed to facilitate teacher reflection in relation to the content of the DLI-specific rubrics. It is color-coded by rubric strand and provides a brief summary of the content of the rubric sub-strand as well as detailed examples of classroom practices corresponding to rubric descriptors. It was designed specifically to support use of the preservice rubric but is also likely be a valuable resource to support use of the inservice and self-assessment rubrics.

We recommend that the workbook be strategically used along with the rubric as one component of a teacher education program or ongoing professional development program for inservice teachers. Along with examples of classroom practices for each of the rubric sub-strands, the workbook offers space for teachers to

  • write reflections on their current and desired knowledge and skills,
  • raise questions or challenges related to their ability to enact the specific practices described in the rubric, and
  • identify resources that might support their growth.